Why does Mutual Securities standout as the clear hybrid leader?

Our hybrid advisors keep 100% of their fees.

Mutual Securities does not ask our independent RIAs to pay us a percentage of their advisory fees. We never have, and we never will.

We offer competitive payouts.

Our commission payouts range from 80%-93% for an active commission-based practice.

E&O coverage for advisory activities.

Our unique professional liability policy offers coverage for the independent advisory activities of anyone who is also affiliated as a registered representative with our broker/dealer and can save practices many thousands of dollars annually as compared to a standalone policy for an RIA.

Over 65% of our registered representatives operate a hybrid practice.

Our first dually-registered hybrid representative joined us back in 1989. The hybrid approach is not just a sideline accommodation to a few advisors – hybrid is who we are. Our depth of knowledge of this specialized niche business comes from decades of experience.

Direct access to our owners.

We are independently owned and operated. There is no large private equity group or mother ship dictating how we operate our company. Our representatives have a standing invitation to approach our owners whenever they wish.

We are only as good as our representatives.

We have purposely chosen to be very picky about the company we keep, and it’s paid off. Reputation is everything in our business. Our representatives have never had to explain a negative headline or worry about the financial instability of their broker/dealer.

Never have to move again.

Advisors that join our firm, stay with our firm. Our competitive payouts and reputation originally attracts prospective representatives to us, but it is our seasoned staff and solid financial footing that keeps them with our firm for decades.

No conformists allowed.

We operate in a highly fragmented industry, which means that no one financial advisory practice is the same. Our representatives enjoy the freedom and true independence to cater to their clients' needs. Too often firms try it the other way around, forcing reps and their clients to adapt to the firm's way of doing business. Our independent representatives are all entrepreneurs and their business practices are varied and diverse - and we like it that way.

National Financial - simply the best choice for clearing.

Mutual Securities first contracted with National Financial Services, LLC (NFS) for clearing, custody and execution services over 25 years ago, and we remain one of NFS’s most long-standing correspondent broker/dealer relationships. We know NFS systems, operations, procedures, and most importantly, their people, better than just about anybody. This gives us a special advantage on behalf of our clients to get more out of our clearing relationship over correspondent firms with shorter and less personal histories.

Choosing the right technology.

When technology works, it's a wonderful thing. When it has bugs or if systems crash, it can be disastrous. RIAs are confronted with dozens of technology decisions, whether it is email retention, instant messaging, social media, performance reporting, account aggregation, the cloud and document storage options, or CRM. Different technology vendors may be better fits for certain types of practices, and we will help you through the evaluation process.

Insurance can be a nice complement to a wealth management practice.

Sometimes an insurance product is a better choice over any available fee-based solution. Mutual Securities' insurance agency, with its long list of approved products, has been offering better choices for our insurance-licensed advisors and their clients for over three decades. Because we do not take the typical agency extra override, this translates directly to more GDC for our insurance producers. Our E&O policy covers all approved insurance activities, including non-securities life and fixed annuity products not sold through our agency as an approved outside business activity.

What, helpful compliance?

Without a friendly and knowledgeable broker/dealer compliance team that is well versed in the nuances of dual-registrant supervision, a hybrid relationship can struggle to be successful. Beyond meeting our fundamental FINRA oversight responsibilities through our time-tested, streamlined supervisory systems, our experienced compliance team stands ready to offer compliance resources to RIA practices which may include:

  • Reviewing advertising, social media and other public communications
  • Contributing to the development of written supervisory procedures
  • Helping to implement best practices for the firm
  • Guiding the firm through state or SEC regulatory examinations
  • Assisting in the preparation of ADV language, disclosures, and client agreements
  • Providing access to our own independent compliance experts kept on retainer for more complex RIA compliance situations
We also have a printer friendly version of our hybrid offering.


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